New Writing: Disabling Toronto

Toronto is the host city for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) Annual Conference this year. My university (York University), the University of Toronto, and Metropolitan Toronto University are co-hosting this event that is taking place in November. My colleague Ron Buliung from the University of Toronto and I wrote the piece; it touches on accessibility issues in the city. A couple of the things we talked about are the fact that the old streetcars that were not accessible to those who use wheelchairs are now low-floor and accessible. That was a change in the right direction. Unfortunately, some of the subway stations remain inaccessible. We also talk about other things. Here is the link to the article. Have a read. Our hope was to help people think about how accessible cities are and evaluate transportation systems, indoor spaces, and anything else. Enjoy reading the article – I am hopeful that it turns on your accessibility radar.

A red and white slim,  long street car in the middle of the street, with grey concrete building in the background

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