My overall research experience and agenda lies at the nexus of smart-city innovation, urban transportation, and equity for people with disability, seniors, and low-income earners. I am fascinated by the experience of participants in transportation systems. This includes, riders, drivers, policymakers on the public and private sectors, and other stakeholders.  

Recent and on-going projects related to the topic: 

Current study

  • Uber and Lyft transportation usage during rare events, with a focus on inclement weather in Chicago and New York City.

Doctoral research 

  • Wheelchair accessibility of transportation hailed through Uber and Lyft apps from the perspective of riders, drivers, companies, and regulators – completed

Other studies 

  • Understanding travel behaviors of wheelchair users in the U.S. using the National Household Travel Survey 2017 – completed
  • “Smart” Tools for Socially Sustainable Transport: A Review of Mobility Apps (Co-conducted with my PhD adviser Dr. Thomas Sanchez). Published article found here.
  • Understanding disability-related regulatory systems in smartphone apps used for transportation
  • Are Accessibility transport apps market-viable?
  • Preparing the future professional in accessible transport (for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities) in planning education (on-going), with first phase of study published. Find the article here.

Please see a list of conference presentations here and publications here.