Peer-Reviewed Publications 

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Book Reviews 

Gebresselassie, M., & Sanchez, T.W. (2019, September 5). [Review of the book Inequality In Transport, by D. Banister]. doi: 10.1080/01944363.2019.1641385

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Gebresselassie, M., Michalek, J. Nock, D., Harper, C. (2022) Impact of heat waves on TNC-usage rates in low- and high-income neighborhoods in New York City. Policy Brief, Carnegie Mellon University

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Manuscripts in Preparation 

Gebresselassie, M. (2022). When transport-network companies meet disabled accessibility.

Gebresselassie, M. (2022). Travel behaviors of wheelchair users in the U.S.

Gebresselassie, M. (2022). Uber and Lyft accessibility policies and regulations in Washington, DC.

Gebresselassie, M. (2022). Understanding disability-related regulatory systems in smartphone apps used for transportation purposes.