A Note to Prospective PhD Students Interested in Working With Me

Since I have officially announced my appointment as an Assistant Professor at York University’s Environmental and Urban Change, I have received emails from prospective PhD students interested in working with me.

If you are a prospective PhD student, I want you to know I appreciate your interest in working with me. However, I am currently not taking PhD students. I will announce any changes here; but that will not be until August 2023, most likely beyond.

I wish you all the best in your pursuit finding the right program. Don’t give up. As you look for programs, I suggest plugging yourself in the academic-world conversation by following @AcademicChatter, @PhDVoice, and similar voices on Twitter. You can learn from people’s experiences and even ask questions on how to approach professors, look for the right program etc. I also recommend periodically reading these: The Chronicles of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed. I share this with you because I didn’t know about these and similar resources when I was in your shoes. I believe it would have made a difference in my journey looking for a program. I want it to make a difference in yours.

I would also like to share some practices that helped me succeed when I was a doctoral student in this blog posting. I hope some of it is useful for you for when you become a PhD student.

All the best!

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