Our Book Review of Banister’s “Inequality in Transport” is Published

My adviser Professor Thomas Sanchez and I wrote a review of David Banister’s book entitled: Inequality in Transport (2018). The article is published now and available here. In the review, we offered constructive feedback that both acknowledged the many strengths of the book and pointed out what we thought could have been done differently. Below is an excerpt from our review:

“Transport Inequality is a good read for those new to the topic or those looking for a refresher. It has something to offer for readers interested in theoretical arguments, quantitative evidence, and discussion of trends in transport inequality relative to income. Perhaps the book should have been titled Transport Inequality and Income: A Comprehensive Overview of Trends in the UK. Though a less catchy title, it would have been more accurate.”

We welcome a review of our review. While you are at it, I encourage you to listen to/read Michael Enright’s essay on the Sunday Edition, one of my favorite radio programs, where he discussed the importance of criticism for critical thinking. He said, “if that [improving craft] meant negative, even hurtful criticism, so be it”.

Your review – negative, even hurtful – might help us improve our craft!

The copy we read for the review

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