My Latest Publication in Transport Findings

My study on Planning Education in Accessible Transport for Persons with Disabilities has been published in Transport Findings. Below is the abstract as it appears in the journal.

This study looks at whether the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act is reflected in transport-planning education. It examines how planning schools prepare students, if at all, to work effectively in a system that aims to respond to transport needs of persons with disabilities. A survey of transport-related courses in graduate planning programs in US universities was conducted. The research question is: What is the state of planning education related to accessible transport? Findings show coverage of the topic to be minimal in programs surveyed. The purpose of the study is to raise questions of transport accessibility for persons with disabilities. 

The above article is on the first phase of the study. I am currently developing the following components of the full study:

  • Survey of transport professionals (especially those working in accessible transport)
  • Interviews with professor teaching transport topics in graduate planning programs in the US, and
  • Survey of transport-related courses in Canadian Universities

I welcome questions and comments from readers in academia and professional practice!

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